Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Revisiting the Stealy Band

We wrote about the Swedish Stealy Band playing Steely Dan covers a couple of weeks ago.

And now Gina from Mizar 5 has found not only a blog reviewing the band/evening, but also Stealy Band's MySpace page. Check out the bands versions of Peg, Green Earrings, Josie and Kid Charlemagne.
And by the look of things Stealy Band will play live again May 16 in Stockholm at Kungliga Musihögskolans/Royal School of Music's New Sound Made Festival. (Page in Swedish)

And since the subject is Swedish Steely Dan cover bands, a quick plug for the local 2nd Arrangement. No dates for 2008 so far, but we're hoping...

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Carsten from Denmark said...

Damn, these guys are doing a great job! Thanks for the add,
Best regards Carsten