Saturday, April 26, 2008

Walter Becker's Circus Money: Soundclips!

Sounclip player picture. Purely for illustrative purposes.Short clips from all songs can be listened to NOW!

Q: So ... how does it sound compared to his first solo album and all the Steely Dan ones?
A: Go listen for yourself ;)

And guitar-interested should keep an eye on Sadowsky guitars homepage for news of the Walter Becker Signature Model Guitar.


ljud said...

sounds like a monster !
Especially Three Picture deal..
can't wait

Anonymous said...

And Downtown Canon sounds like pure Dan. Can't wait either...

Neb and/or Siggy said...

And we can not do anything but agree. Circus Money sounds like a real gem of an album. Up there with the best from Steely Dan/Donald Fagen.

Another positive thing is all the positive reactions the soundclips has created on danfan pages.

C$ sounds like it will be the "cool part of the summer" of '08. Even more so for those that won't make it to any of the shows on the Think Fast-tour.