Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Fagen and Martha, man"

April 7 we promised a post in regard to Mr Donald Fagen the next day. So it's long overdue. But here it is. Finally.

While Walter Becker's Circus Money will be out June 10, the other half of Steely Dan will beat him to appearing on a new record. Donald Fagen plays on one of the tracks on Martha Wainwright's new album I Know You're Married But I've Got Feelings Too.
The release dates are as follows:

UK - May 12th
Australia- May 13th
Germany - May 23rd
All Europe - May 26th
Canada - June 3rd
USA - June 10

The track Donald is on is titled So Many Friends. Now, that's a song she has been playing live for some time, and you can actually find and listen to three different preformances of the song on the Internet.

March, 2006 she performed So Many Friends and two more songs on Minnesota Public Radio. Here's the link. There are two listen-links up and to the right on the page.

And this link will take you to another Wainwright performance of the song. This time on National Public Radio. Both her and Neko Case's sets can be downloaded.

And finally there's the YouTube clip from Milwaukee and 2006.

Go listen to all versions and try to figure out what Donald will do on the keyboards with this song!

And for all who've missed Michael Leonhart's Memory Man videos on YouTube. Here they are, featuring Harlan Post Jr. as the Memory Man. Now, doesn't Harlan look familiar...? ;)

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