Tuesday, April 01, 2008

CD giveaway - Win our Album of the Month!!

Hip hooray!! Radio Dupree is celebrating five years!
Come and join our giveaway!
We are giving away a copy of the CD Wild In London by The Tubes.
(No joke although it's April 1).

By the way, Wild In London is our Album of the Month too, and you will be able to hear a whole lot of Tubes stuff on our playlists in April!

Wanna win this CD?
Send an e-mail to radiodupree@yahoo.se before April 30. That's your lottery ticket.
Don't forget to enclose your name and address...and hey! Not more than one entrance per person, OK!? We will choose the entrance that we find is the most interesting or entertaining for a winner...Send no money, but you may send a photo of yourself, or a photo of your record collection, or a short story of your best musical memory or something instead. The winning entrance will be published here on the blog and on our website. (So please, no dirty stuff, hrmm...)

1 comment:

Gina said...

congratulations, Sigurd and Nebukdnessar!!!

many more Radio Dupree years for ya :-)