Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Fogerty + Springsteen = When Will I Be Loved

It's been promised that the first song from John Fogerty's The Blue Ridge Rangers Rides Again will start streaming on his homepage today, Tuesday August 4. And the song is a cover of When Will I Be Loved with Bruce Springsteen adding his touch to the proceedings.

While we wait for the streaming over on www.johnfogerty.com to commence, let us ponder what it will sound like. We did not, like a few eagle-eyed Fogerty-fans, catch the unplanned pre-preview of the whole album that took place for a short while yesterday on Verve Records site, so we have no idea what John Fogerty and Bruce Springsteen might come up with.

Wait... Let's correct ourselves there... We do have an idea what their version of When Will I Be Loved will sound like. It will sound like the original hit version from The Everly Brothers.

Not like Linda Ronstadt's version from the 70's. Not Rockpile's. And so on. Our money is on a traditional cover in the Everly Brothers mode.

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