Sunday, August 30, 2009

Pete & Scarlett: Embedding the hard way...

(This one with a voice message stating that the video is now available.)

Somtimes we do think that record companies and allies don't really care about selling records or even getting the information out there. With the investment made in a recording you'd expect the basics being met as far as Internet availability goes. But no.

Here's just one troublesome marketing blunder not helping a fine album and a nice enough song finding an audience.

Actress Scarlett Johansson did an album of Tom Waits covers that we found so-so. Here's the next step. A duet album with Pete Yorn recorded a couple of years ago. And to our ears it is a step in the right direction. So we wanted to share the song Relator here.

Result? See the images above. Even the official homepage for the album serves you an error message when you try to embed the video. You're shut out. And that won't insipre your curiosity or help spread the word.

(At the same time the whole album - officially out September 15 - can already be found on those pesky torrent sites...)

We do like the song and did manage to find one place where it was possible to embed to share. Like this:

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