Saturday, May 08, 2010

John McLaughlin - a funny guy too

The Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter runs an interesting interview with the equilibristic British guitar player John McLaughlin where he shows that he also has a lot of humour.
McLaughlin plays a gig in Uppsala, Sweden tonight (May 8) and the newspaper has called him up for an interview. He talks about humour in music and mentions the special features section on a dvd box released five or six years ago, featuring bloopers from the shootings: "At the same time as I'm a teacher in master class I'm also a silly, incomplete person. Me and my wife watched all those bloopers and we doubled up with laughter."
He also talks about the 70's when a band like Mahavishnu Orchestra could be on the bill with anything from heavy metal bands like Aerosmith to comedy acts: "Ever heard of Cheech & Chong? Totally dope humour, but since I'm an old hippie I found them very funny."

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