Friday, May 14, 2010

Keith Richards autobiography coming in October + Exile On Main Street returns next week

Yes, Rolling Stones legend Keith Richards started writing his memoires in 2007 and is now apparently done.

Quote from a press release:
"It’s kind of weird writing about your own life. Who’d be interested in that? But then I realised there is a lot of interest, so… talking to some of the people that were there and their version of events to try and correlate it all was very interesting, a kind of kaleidoscopic bunch of experiences."
We'll see ... or read, this coming October.

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And speaking of The Rolling Stones. The groups 1971 album Exile On Main Street is re-released in variety of remastered expanded box set CD online vinyl de luxe versions next week.

NPR has four of the unreleased bonus tracks plus a segment where artists pick favourites from the album online. Listen here. And next week there'll be interviews with Mick Jagger and Keith Richards.

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