Thursday, February 17, 2011

Dukes of September on tour and TV in 2011

Quote from an interview with Boz Scaggs (who together with Michael McDonald and Donald Fagen toured last year as The Dukes of September Rhythm Revue) in The Houston Press:

C: Any more dates for the Dukes?

BS: We're taping a live show for PBS, and that's going to kick off a wider tour. The high point was being onstage with each other. We got to be sidemen! As far as choosing material, we must have exchanged hundreds of e-mails.

The biggest surprise I got is that we were looking at material from the Philadelphia Sound era, and we settled on "Love Train." I thought it would be a good song for Michael, but he and Donald pointed at me and said, "No, you're gonna sing it" (laughs). It was nice to be challenged.

Late spring/early summer/early winter dates look likely as late summer/autumn is Steely Dan touring time. Let's see:

The three Steely Dan sates announced so far are in mid- and late July. On Michael's homepage there are solo dates listed for February, late March and late June. Over on Boz Scaggs' solo dates run through mid-April with nothing in March.

February: Michael McDonald solo
March: First half free, second Michael McDonald solo
April: First half Boz Scaggs solo, second half free.
May: Free
June: First half free, second half Michael McDonald solo
July: Steely Dan

As it looks right now I guess a few Dukes dates could be scheduled for late April, all of May and into June?

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