Saturday, February 12, 2011

Steely Dan Twitter boost

Almost a week since the tickets for the so far only announced date of Steely Dan's 2011 tour, and no additional dates/details have been released. The grapevine says a July - November tour named Shuffle Diplomacy Twenty Eleven, but it is still unconnfirmed.

While waiting for touring news we found that Twitter is a place that Steely Dan/Donald Fagen/Walter Becker can turn to for some positive reinforcement at 140 characters or less.
Yes, you read that right. Twitter is as far as music goes not only a forum for the latest flash in the pan pop star. You can also find people interested in music that has stood the test of time.

Here are a few of the best Steely Dan mentions over the last couple of days:

Don't go looking for any Steely Dan/Donald Fagen/Walter Becker accounts on Twitter. We think it is safe to say that what we wrote a year ago still hold true: Apart from the official sites, and there's just the Steely Dan and Walter Becker MySpace pages. Or "billboard" as Walter wrote.
For more information see this post from January 2010.

/Click Shuffle Dimplomacy Twenty Eleven for all our posts regarding the tour. /

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