Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Jim Fisk reporting #1

Jim Fisk kinda finds stuff on the web

* Saw some comments on Twitter regarding the halftime show at this year's Super Bowl mentioning Steely Dan. That they ought to do it.

Well, the Steely Dan performing at a sports happening sentiment has been aired before. Before Twitter. Back in 2000 during a q & a with fans asking the questions Donald and Walter got a chance to address the subject:


Would you ever consider singing the National Anthem at a World Series game?
- - - Submitted by: Patty Rasmussen


We have been prepared for this possibility for some time now, in that we have written a new, hip, contemporary national anthem for the U.S. which is entitled "Hell of a Country, Ain't That So!" Our previous anthem attempt, "O Say Can You Dig?", which was more of a rewrite than a freestanding original, has been abandoned in favor of this new exciting tune. We have not heard back yet from Congressman Barr or from Chuck Knoblauch, but we are ready to go.

* The dandom.com Bluebook is where quite a few Steely Dan fans go to discuss the music and to share news. It is is currently being rebuilt, so new posts will take a little time to appear.

Another page I expect to change shortly is steelydan.com.
To be truthful I had expected it to publish the first official news of the 2011 tour as the first date went on sale Sunday 6. But so far nothing.

Let's see who's updated first; dandom com's Bluebook or steelydan.com!

* Did you catch the inteview with guitarist Jon Herington on webradio station TheGlowRadio Sunday?

What came across is what a gentleman and nice guy he is. He also shared some news:

- With his news album Shine, Shine Shine still just released he's planning to record the remaining 6 songs of a total of 9 that will make up the next record. Longer songs, more guitar compared to Shine, Shine, Shine.

- He'll tour with Madeleine Peyroux in the Stated in April and then go to Europe. Apart from that and a few dates with his own band he has nothing else planned for 2011 so far.

- Asked about what Steely Dan (Donald Fagen and Walter Becker) are up to he said that as far as touring goes there's nothing official.

Would be nice if that interview could be made available online for all who missed it.

Jon Herington - Shine Shine Shine
As heard on Radio Dupree: Jon Herington's great new album!

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