Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Phoebe Snow 1952 - 2011

Phoebe Snow passed away April 26 from complications of a brain hemorrhage she suffered in January 2010. She was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist, best known for her 1975 hit Poetry Man.

Here's a couple of videos:


Thanks to Ray who posted this link in the comments to an NPR All Things Considered remembrance including clips from a 1998 interview:


Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

Frank Zappa used to mention Phoebe Snow in the introduction to I Have Been In You in 1977 and 1978. Something about when the English pop star (a' la Peter Frampton) meets a young female fan: "...You put on the Phoebe Snow album, and turn it real soft, you know. Then you lay back in your teen-age bed, you put your teen-age legs up in the air in the universal gesture of greeting..."
/Siggy, Radio Dupree

Anonymous said...

Great interview with "Large Marge"



Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

Thanks again for the link! Added it to the post.