Saturday, April 09, 2011

Steely Dan Shuffle Diplomacy Twenty Eleven: What's new?

It's been a while since we updated this blog with the latest Steely Dan 2011 tour news. And the truth is that there isn't that much to report.

The past month has consisted of adding, removing and/or changing pre-sale and on-sale ticket dates and links over at No additional shows have been added.

Most likely to happen (without even any rumours to hang this on):

1) Added dates at The Beacon in New York. There is still a gap in the schedule September 18 - 26. And if not The Beacon maybe some other venue(s) on the east coast.

2) A short stint abroad after the US tour wraps up in September. We think that at that time of year Becker, Fagen, Brats et al would prefer a glass of wine in the southern hemisphere rather than some cold German beer. Maybe some saké before beer as well.

3) Donald Fagen plays a few gigs before Christmas to promote his new solo album that may or may not have been released this summer.

4) Stevie Wonder joins the tour to take care of the Melodica solos.

5) Walter Becker's "solo project" proves to be the Walter B Signature Edition iPad 5.12 delivered with 11 Tracks Of Whack and Circus Money multitracks and a special Revolution Dub remix software.

6) Tour recorded for live album and Blu-ray. In 3D of course.

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