Thursday, April 21, 2011

Steely Dan live 2011: Aja for Ravinia + August date for Portsmouth, VA

Here are two items not confirmed on regarding the Shuffle Diplomacy Twenty Eleven tour:

* From the Ravinia Festival's Facebook page:

ATTN STEELY DAN FANS: Steely Dan is doing two different concerts at Ravinia on Aug 12 & 13. For the first show, the group will perform its milestone album Aja in its entirety, along with select greatest hits. Then on the 2nd night, they will perform songs requested by their fans on the internet plus select greatest hits.

The webpage in question
* Over on the nTelos Pavilion, Portsmouth, Virginia homepage there's a listing for Steely Dan August 1. Just like the previous item not official and on the band's homepage.

(Thanks to sharp-eyed pixeleen and Danny R!)

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