Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Steely Dan's Aja covered by The Darcys

The Canadian quartet The Darcys have recorded a version of Steely Dan's Aja. Not just the song but the whole album!

According to this article on exclaim.ca they They decided to do it "as a dark, but bold declaration of self-sufficiency."

What that sounds like? Listen to Josie below after we've had the chance to say that the album will be available January 24 as a free dowload on The Darcys' homepage and as a limited edition vinyl album.

The Darcys - Josie by Arts & Crafts

(Thanks for the heads up to Hicnic on the Dandom Bluebook)

UPDATE January 19: Right now (and, we suspect, until it is released) you can stream the whole album here:

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