Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gino Vannelli goes to Sweden

Gino Vannelli plays several European gigs this fall, and fans in northern Sweden will be happy to know that Gino will play Umeå Jazz Festival.
On October 27 he plays in Umeå with pianist Michiel Borstlap.
A prominent person of the festival staff says that "they will play stuff from Gino's back catalogue but also some jazz standards".
Gino played 2 gigs in the Netherlands on September 8.
September 20 Naples, Italy
September 29 Bilzen, Belgium
October 4 Montreal, Canada (with the Portland Band: Randy Porter - piano, Reinhardt Melz - drums, Sandin Wilson - bass, Allen Hinds - guitar)
October 13 Master class: Grenoble, France
October 27 Umeå Jazz Festival, Sweden
November 14, 16, 17 New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (w/the Portland Band)

Thanks to http://ginovannelli.tripod.com/ for tour info.
On some of the European shows Vannelli and Borstlap will be accompanied by drummer Erik Kooger and bass player Boudewijn Lucas.
By the way, the far north jazz festival has yet another Radio Dupree favorite on the bill: Jojje Wadenius.


Gina said...
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Gina said...

Bilzen, that's less than 30 minutes from here. but we're all the way in France, seashore, taking a week off. too bad...!

Gina said...

that was mine, the one that got deleted. wanted to copy something in but was the wrong text

Neb and/or Siggy said...


As the gig closest to the Radio Dupree bunker wil be recorded for broadcast on one of our best friends in radio space you can probably expect to hear a little something a few weeks down the line. That is if things don't go the way Steely-Dan-in-Stockholm did... :-(