Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ask Jon Herington a question!

Of course you can hear Donald Fagen's I'm Not The Same Without You on Radio Dupree where it is enjoying its place on our playlist. And we'd be surprised if Sunken Condos doesn't end up our Album of the Month once it arrives October 16.
But just to be of service we have the first song here as posted on YouTube by the record company in question. Enjoy!

Oh. And a reminder to all fans of Steely Dan that if you're quick you can get a question answered by long time guitarist Jon Herington, thanks to fagenism over on the Steely Dan fan's BlueBook.
After a successful Q&A with Sunken Condo's co-producer and more Michael Leonhart where fagenism collected questions, mailed them off and got answers back that was compiled into a pdf, it is time to do the same with some questions to Jon. Here's what fagenism writes on September 18:

Ask Me Anything #2: Jon Herington.

With the positive response to Michael Leonhart's AMA, Jon Herington has agreed to do one too. This one will focus on Sunken Condos, his long Steely Dan career as well as his solo stuff - whatever you want. (For those not yet in the know - an AMA is a chance for devoted fans to ask deeper, less generic questions, not usually covered by the conventional media.)

Let's be as informal about this as last time around, if everyone is cool with that. Popular questions will be high-priority, obviously

And you find the link to Michael Leonhart's AMA by searching for fagenism and September 16, 2012 on the BlueBook.

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