Sunday, September 30, 2012

What's lacking in American movie comedies?

From Mark Kermode's Uncut film blog and his and Simon Mayo's Film Review on BBC Radio 5 live. (A Radio Dupree podcast favourite)

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Michael said...

One would better ask, "What's lacking in American film-making?" Good acting. Smart scriptwriting. Cinematography. Memorable soundtracks. Etc. All gone.

It's not simply comedies that have gone downhill, it's everything else. When was the last time Hollywood produced a truly brilliant horror film? The 80's? How many horrible remakes and comic-based CG fests do we really need? Think about this: they're so bereft of ideas that they're making a movie based on the Monopoly board game. They're even doing a remake of Robocop. ...Why? There's nothing wrong with the original. It's embarrassing. How is Hollywood still in business? I'm confused. That place is a dump.