Sunday, September 16, 2012

Creative undertows from Donald, Ben and Bo

Album covers with underwater photos/pictures are not uncommon. But we were a bit surprised to find three current/upcoming releases all going below the surface when it comes to the cover illustration.

Donald Fagen's Sunken Condos set for an October 16 release:

Over on the dandom,com BlueBook Napoleon, U.K. pointed us towards the brand new Ben Folds Five album The Sound Of The Life Of The Mind with a "sunken robot":

And just last night we stumbled upon the Swedish group Bo Kaspers Orkester who's album Du Borde Tycka Om Mig is released October 31 with an underwater cover.

Since Bo Kaspers Orkester is the least known for those reading this blog we give you a quick link to more info here as well as a couple of videos:

From the most recent record; 2010's New Orleans recorded in ... yes, you guessed it!

And since they've been around since 1991 something a little bit older. From 1996:

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