Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Donald Fagen on Sirius Radio and Michael Leonhart on Inside MusiCast

ML interview coming soon to Iciside MusiCast
Two listening opportunities for the Steely Dan fan coming up in the next few days:

Tonight; Wednesday November, 21 Donald Fagen and Michael Leonhart will be on The Bob Edwards Show on Sirius Radio talking about the album Sunken Condos. To be able to hear it you need to be a subscriber to Sirius satellite radio or get a 30 day free trial subscription to catch it on the web.

The next must-hear doesn't demand you subscibe or sign up for anything. It will be freely available online:

Monday November 26 you can hear Michael Leonhart on the Inside MusiCast podcast. Go there now and check out the archived shows! Lots and lots of interviews - some of them Steely Dan related. The curent as-we-write podcast features guitarist Drew Zingg.

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