Friday, November 16, 2012

The Dukes Of September show filmed tonight (November 16, 2012) for PBS and DVD

According to this article from Billboard Magazine they're filming a special concert with The Dukes Of September (Donald Fagen, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs) tonight at the David H. Koch Theater at Lincoln Center in New York for a PBS pledge drive and a future DVD release.

The PBS taping was mentioned in this article a month ago, where Donald Fagen was quoted as saying that Steely Dan will likely tour again in 2013.
New information in the Billboard article above is that The Dukes Of September will do a tour starting in late 2013 and continue into 2014.


Check out what a couple of the audience members thought of the show in the comments section. Thanks for sharing!


trabag said...

It was a wonderful show! These guys still got it! my boyfriend & I could not stop raving about how it was the best show. the bonus was they had to re-do 3 of the previous songs from the show, so if you felt like sticking around, you got to hear the greats at their peak.

Niels Benton said...

As said before this was a fantastic 3 hours of a mix of Steely Dan, Michael McDonald and Boz Skaggs gems with their usual remakes of great classic R&B tunes. The 12 piece band was stellar in their groove and solid pocket execution. The retakes were a very special bonus. The second take of Reelin' in the Years was phenominal as John Herrington's solo was longer and in my opinion stretching out more in its latter half to show "his" own masterful style.The nite closed w/Them Changes OH MY!! Of course the stars were very on for this taping,Fagen was master of ceremonies in his "way out" way. He was having a ball all nite playing an acoustic grand and harmonium. McDonald singing up a storm on soul classics as well as I Keep Forgettin and Doobie classics. The audience went went wild for Boz on Lido and other signature tunes. I can't say enough about the band though. 3-piece horn section, 2 female singers.guitar, 2nd kybd. by Jim Beard, drums & "Ready" Freddie Washington on rock-solid fender 4-string. I can't wait for the DVD. The production was top notch, Many seats wre blocked off to allow optimal setting of boom cameras although never interfering with the audience's sight lines or absolute enjoyment of the show. It' wonderful it was captured for everyone to enjoy. It was as Fagen said "an achival effort" so we'll do it again to get it right. "Stick around if we don't bore you". Donald, you'll never bore us I'm sure. Look for these guys when they come to your town because they'll tear it up JBNB

Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

Thanks for the reports! Looking forward to see the DVD ... eventually :)

(And this will be the first official new video since Plush Jazz-Rock Party/Two Against Nature back in 2000. Could this be a sign that the Donalds & Walters non-interest in taping live shows is changing and we'll eventually get around to some "archival effort" regarding Steely Dan on tour?)

Tonythird said...

Went to the concert with my wife and two adult children. It just doesn't get better than this! Three master musicians practicing their craft wih a top-notch band.

Great performance in a great theater...We sang along with every song and left our troubles behind!

Can't wait to see the video. I suggest everyone get it. You'll want to see it over and over again.