Saturday, April 13, 2013

George Duke plans to release more music by the Duke/Cobham band

Keyoboardist George Duke is digging through the tapes of the Billy Cobham/George Duke band from the mid 70's. He writes on Facebook that it might result in the release of two volumes next year:
"Hey everybody - for you fusion fans I must let you know that I've finally found the time to work on the tracks from the original Billy Cobham/George Duke band featuring Al Johnson on bass and John Scofield on guitar. Not having heard this band and music in a long time I must tell you the playing is pretty amazing! I think I'll be able to release two volumes of music from these recordings so watch out for the first release sometime early next year! By the way, I have a new CD "DreamWeaver" to be released July 16th. I will upload info about that sometime next week along with samples. Peace, GD"

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