Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Radio Dupree 10 year anniversary broadcast!

Wanna hear the story of Radio Dupree? Join station managers Neb and Siggy's special radio show.
Radio Dupree celebrates 10 years! The Dupree team Neb Stephenson and Siggy Huckle make a rare appearance on Radio Dupree this week with a special 10 year anniversary show.
Join us and hear the story of Radio Dupree. Send us your entries in our t-shirt giveaway. (radiodupree@yahoo.se)
Then there is a lot of well chosen music and other fun.
The one hour show is broadcast twice a day this week: 7 AM - 8 AM and 7 PM - 8 PM GMT.
(US and Canada eastern time: 2 AM - 3 AM and 2 PM - 3 PM)

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