Thursday, April 04, 2013

Now you can pre-order your Trout Mask Replica

In january 2012 Gail Zappa told the radio station Rockline about future projects and mentioned that the Zappa Family Trust would "revisit Trout Mask Replica", the Captain Beefheart album that Frank Zappa produced and that was released in 1969. Now you can pre-order it:

So why should you order this one? You may already have it on CD. Good question. Well, this is how they explain it:
"We here at UMRK determined that the TMR Master was damaged somewhere in the years of it's return orbit. The Vaultmeister created almost in its entirety a new Master from our own Vault safety copies. And as if that wasn't enough chocolate for your Sunday sundae, we had Bob Ludwig remaster the Work for you. What you now have available to you is the definitive TROUT MASK REPLICA. Be the judge. Be the jury. Be the bongo. Be the fury!!!"

Nice, but we at Radio Dupree are actually happy with our copy of the old 2 LP set. Good enough!

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