Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Radio Dupree 2013 Advent calendar: December 3

[Window Number 3!]

[UPDATE December 8: Hey! So what or who swallowed the content here? Link, video or whatever gone... If we'd kept any sort of list of what we blog each time we could've re-created the content, but as it is... Well, you'll have to settle for a bunch of Japanese celebrities + American movie actor Tommy Lee Jones singing a line each of the classic hit Sukiyaki/上を向いて歩こうmade famous by Kyu Sakamoto/坂本 九in 1961/1963.

Trivia: Apparently done to raise money after the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. Tommy has a house in Kyoto. At least that's what the Internet says...

OK. Let's see if this sticks behind Advent calendar window numer 3...]

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