Friday, December 13, 2013

Zappa Roxy By Proxy CD delayed again

We just can't wait long enough for the Roxy by Proxy soundtrack CD, right? Just got the message that our order is still on back order: "We anticipate that your order will ship within the next 2 – 3 weeks." Sigh!
The CD could be a welcome preview to the loooong awaited Roxy DVD (Frank & The Mothers live 1973). Something to nibble on while waiting for the film to be ready for release. In July Barfko-Swill announced that they were ready to take pre-orders. In September: "We are experiencing delays in the manufacturing process so we will be shipping to you somewhat later."

Also in the latest e-mail: "Please accept our apology for the continued delay...."
Radio Dupree station manager Neb Stephenson comments: "Do they make those CD:s by hand, one at the time?"

Sigurd "Siggy" Huckle
Radio Dupree executive

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