Saturday, May 10, 2014

Album of the Month: Rush

Announcing the long overdue Album of the Month for May 2014. But what's a week and a half in the great scheme of things for a record that was released 40 years ago?
And we're looking to Canada and the still very much active band Rush debut album titled "Rush".

This is also gives us a chance to continue our posts about non-average packaging of music. The first being yesterdays post about the nickel-silver Wu Tang Clan extravaganza.

As the debut album from Rush is 40 years old it is only fitting that a remaster is released. And it is. Digitally of course, but also in a vinyl box that surprisingly does not include any outtakes and extra music, but some other goodies for the Rush fan/collector.

Original album jacket art, a reproduced promo poster, three litographs, a family tree of the band and a card for a digital download of the album should you not want to play the physical vinyl one that's in the box.
The record itself is pressed on 200g audiophile vinyl. And the box is a limited release.

Come back later today and Sunday for two more packaging posts! One of them including the sad story of how Radio Dupree missed out on a brand new, fresh collector's item due for release June 11, 2014.

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