Saturday, May 10, 2014

Blondie celebrates 40 with a double dose of a record

Blondie is 40. And a new album is just around the corner. In fact it is two albums. Or a double album. Or two single albums coming in a package. Whatever.

There is the all new album titled Ghosts Of Download that's been on its way since last summer with a song here, a song there being releaseed in one form or another. The album is finally here in a couple of days.

But it comes bundled with a Greatest Hits album. It is titled Deluxe Redux: Greatest Hits and contains 11Blondie classics - as the wording usually goes. But wait! There's a twist. The 11 old songs are all new recordings made last year by the current version of Blondie.
Nothing wrong with that, but having heard a couple of examples of the re-recordings we find that they sound pretty much like the originals, so the question is why do it if you're not going to add something new or different to a song?

Anyways, the two albums come joined under the somewhat unwieldy title Blondie 4(0)-Ever.

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