Saturday, May 10, 2014

Two "new" Zappa songs available for Mothers Day

To commemorate Mothers Day 1964 the Zappa Family Trust releases previously unreleased versions of two songs:
Zoot Allures recorded live in 1982 with new drums added in the studio by Chad Wackerman.
Cosmik Debris from one of the concerts in Helsinki, Finland 1973. 

Mother's Day May 10 1964 was when Frank Zappa changed the name of the band The Soul Giants to The Mothers. This release is a nice surprise, but when it comes to Cosmik Debris one can't help to think of the "milking the customer" syndrome. Didn't we just order a 2 CD set featuring the ultimate selection of tracks from the three Helsinki shows of 1973? Is there even more to expect from that source?

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