Saturday, November 15, 2014

贅沢ないいわけ: File only release from パスピエ/Passepied

Cover art for the song/file
パスピエ/Passepied, today released a brand new song titled 贅沢ないいわけ (Zeitakuna īwake) that means Lyxury excuse (according to Google Translate) or I mean a luxury (says Bing Translator).

We mention this not only because we like the band, but because it is also an alternative release compared to the special physical extra goodies packaging that seem to be very prevalent in the Japanese music business.

This time around the song comes as a plain sound file. No physical CD. Although a little extra is that one onlite site - - offers a high resolution 88.2kHz/24bit FLAC version for 540 Yen (4.65 US$/3.7 €). That is twice the price of the regular file.

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