Saturday, November 01, 2014

The 100th Zappa album on its way

"The 100th Release, Produced in it its Entirety by FZ, will be available to order next month on Zappa Records."
This is the message from Has to be the long awaited Dance Me This album which Frank Zappa described as follows to Guitarist Magazine in 1993: "a Synclavier album which is designed to be used by modern dance groups."
There are rumours that the music may include contributions by Spoonman, some members of the Tuvan singers and keyboardist Mats Öberg. Öberg recently told the Swedish Broadcasting that he was very excited to find out if Zappa had used some of the things he played for Zappa back in 1991, on the album. also mentions a new Vaulternative Concert "in your near future", the celebration of FZ's 75th anniversary of his arrival on this planet, and that ROXY the Movie has been sent off to SXSW for consideration for their Film Festival.


Anonymous said...

Sorry not to have a Halloween release, but still all good news!

Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

Agree. And there should be a birthday bundle in time for Christmas.