Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Bye-bye to 2014 with a Kate Bush Christmas Card

And as we wave goodbye to 2014 already a week gone we thought we'd share a surprise Christmas card that arrived just before Santa did.
The card is from Ormond Yard Press/Snap Galleries in London. Snap had a exhibition of photos of Kate Bush to coincide with her run of sold out shows this past autumn. And while we attended one of the shows AND visited Snap Galleries we never got around to delivering our promised report on the show.

Snap Galleries will publish a book of Kate Bush photos taken by Gered Mankowitz (cover in the lower right corner of the card) and also have books with photos of Rolling Stones and Jimi Hendrix arriving January/February.

If you're interested in rock/pop photography and in London a visit to Snap Galleries is highly recommended!
And thanks to Snap for the Christmas card. A slightly modified version of the photo from the cover of her 1978 album Lionheart.

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