Monday, January 05, 2015

Vinyl perversities: Yet more proof that humans are disgusting

You might take a quick look at the pictures and think to yourself "Hey, nice bowls ... but what are they doing on the Radio Dupree blog?"

And you are correct to ask yourself that question. But if you're here reading this and listening to our channel chances are that you also like music on vinyl.

Here comes the scary part.

If you look closer you'll find that they're made of recycled vinyl records. Warmed up, melted and transformed.
Yes, we know. It's sad to see them violated like this. We sure felt that way when we got these as a gift a year or so ago. It has taken us that long to finally expose this sick way of treating unwanted records. For profit, at that. They sell them to clueless victims who end up filling them with fruit, assorted keys or whatever.

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