Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Elton John's Legendary Covers Album legendary once more...

It is reincarnated once more; the set of cover songs recorded by a your Elton John before his big break. Usually titled The Legendary Covers Album 1969-70 it is re-released time and time again on small record labels. We got our CD well over a decade ago.

This particular release is available on CD, vinyl and coloured vinyl form.

So what songs are on the album?

1.  United We Stand
2.  Spirit In The Sky
3.  Travelin’ Band
4.  Up Around The Bend
5.  Come And Get It
6.  Love Of The Common People
7.  It’s All In The Game
8.  Yellow River
9.  My Baby Loves Lovin’
10. Lady D’Arbanville
All part of quickly recorded sound-alike covers for popular low budget album series of which Top Of The Pops was the most successful. Read more on this particular part of pop history here. And here!

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