Saturday, November 03, 2007

Weekend music: Georg Wadenius

Here's 45 minutes from the gig that Georg "Jojje" Wadenius played at the Umeå Jazzfestival October 26. The links will work for 30 days. (Useless as of November 27, 2007).

It was part of Swedish Radio's live coverage and as they chop the broadcast into 1 hour chunks you'll have to do it like this to get it all. First go to this link:

* First hour *

Go 52 minutes in and you get 8 minutes of the first song "Longing". It continues here:

* Second hour *

and is followed by three more songs.

Songs (Composer):
Longing (Wadenius)
Atlantis (McCoy Tyner)
Tom Terrific (Rob Mounsey)
Sushiland (Magnus Lindgren)

The band:
Jojje Wadenius; guitar
Tommy Berndtsson; keyboards
Petter Gunnarsson; bass
Pelle Claesson; drums

More on Georg on his official homepage or his old and his new MySpace pages.

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