Saturday, June 20, 2009

Steely Dan live 2009: Setlist The Wharf, Orange Beach, Alabama

June 19, show #7:

Time Out Of Mind
Show Biz Kids
Bad Sneakers
Two Against Nature
Black Friday
Don't Take Me Alive
Hey Nineteen
Parker's Band
Deacon Blues
Daddy Don't LIve In That New York City No More
Green Earrings
Love Is Like An Itching... with band intros
Do It Again
Kid Charlemagne

My Old School

As posted by wormtom - scats on the Bluebook.

And that completes the first leg of the Rent Party tour. It will continue in Boston July 22. The band is off to Europe for 12 gigs branded Left Bank Holiday with the first stop being Amsterdam June 25.

You can view all previous setlists by clicking the setlist label below each post. Or just click here. ;)

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Two useful links: - The only place for confirmed dates. - The fan page for breaking news, views and the occasional rumour.


Jeremy said...

It was hot, but it was an unbelievable concert! Becker and Fagen have the tightest band in the business, hands down! Both still have the chops to play each song just like you remember, maybe a bit better! I just can't believe they came to my neck of the woods! They've never been to the Gulf Coast that I can recall. Thanks for a AWESOME evening guys!

shemp4 said...

Opening act was good..Steely Dan were great, i was blown away with AJA,the drummer was incredible!! i didnt think anyone could do that song as well as Steve Gadd but i was wrong.It was really a great night but how could they not play "reelin in the years"? it was my first time at the Wharf what a nice place!
ATTENTION ZAPPA FAMILY TRUST this is the place you want to play in the south east, HOB New Orleans was an awful venue

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting the setlisting for this awesome concert that I waited 35 years to hear!!

Neb & Siggy said...

@Jeremy, shemp4 and Anonymous:
Thanks for the comments. Sounds like a great evening and we're really looking forward to what Steely Dan 2009 might bring to our part of the world in July.

Anonymous said...

A truly awesome show. Exceeded my expectations.
The kid on the drums is unbelievable.
Anyone that has a chance should see this tour.

Fresh said...

Thanks so much for posting the complete setlist. It was an amazing, beautiful and hot (in more ways than one) show. I'm with Shemp4; Aja was probably the highlight of the show for me and Keith Carlock, the drummer, was OUTstanding. Fagen sings as well as ever, and Becker was also impressive. Tightest pop/rock show I've seen since Zappa back in the early 80s.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful show - so glad those guys made it down our way. Drummer was awesome, also the other guitar player was very tasty. Becker was very cool and Fagan was outstanding - much exceeded my expectations - Horns and female singers made it perfect. Worth every penny!!!

Neb & Siggy said...

Nice to see all the positive reactions. Promising for those of us waiting to see Steely Dan 2009 (and beyond)