Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Donald Fagen show report

We got an email from one of the lucky people attending the shows with Ollabelle/Donald Fagen/Phoebe Snow in Bearsville this past weekend :

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Thought I'd give some first hand feedback from the Ollabelle Fagen, Snow show in NY this weekend.

My wife and I saw the Saturday night show. Not surprisingly we found it to be spectacular. The reviews you posted gave accurate accounts of the music, so I'll give some other tidbits:

-The Bearsville Theater is small, like 400 seats + 75 standing room only folks (of which were 2). Making for an ideal environment to see this group.

-Phoebe was a surprise to me, I know she is renowned and I have heard some of her work, but she was fabulous.

-She and Donald were quite cute together on stage, he calling her Pheeb and then leaving the stage arm-in-arm.

-A cool item that only folks viewing from stage left could see was a large equipment case, partially hidden behind some other stuff that read, in partially faded, but an unmistakable font: "Steely Dan." It gave me goosebumps.

-Jon Herington was in his element, allowed to play in his usual humble unassuming manner, yet because he was the only member in the spotlight on that small stage, he seemed to flourish...indeed many beautiful solos. I felt happy that I happened to pass him in the lounge after the show and was able to say "great show."

-I felt lucky throughout the night that I had decided to by tickets (thanks to the Radio Dupree blog!) , who knows how many times this group will play together again.

-It was a cold, cold night in upstate New York, in a cozy ideal setting...but a weekend I will always remember. Thanks for all the information you post, I don't know if I would have heard about this show otherwise.

Ben B.

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And thanks to Ben for the report. Photos from the show? Of course! Pete Fogel, longtime fans & friend of Steely Dan, used his camera and here are the results:

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