Monday, February 12, 2007

Wasa Express - jazz rock veterans on stage again

Swedish jazz rock/fusion veterans Wasa Express plays together again. Radio Dupree staff member Sigurd Huckle saw them in concert on February 10. But he had to wait 27 years to see them live on stage!
Wasa Express is a four piece band led by drummer Åke Eriksson, a legend among swedish musicians (has also played with the group Egba which you may have heard on Radio Dupree). Wasa Express was probably the best Swedish jazz rock band of the late 70's. The first album was released in 1977 (self titled) and sort of legendary with its mix of hard driving instrumental rock and musicians humor. Lotsa drums! Three more albums were released before the band broke up in 1979. By then they had moved more and more into heavy rock leaving out the jazz influences. The first time they reunited was in the mid 80's. Now they have returned to the jazz rock style and they have even released a couple of new cd:s the most recent years. Radio Dupree caught them live in concert in Umeå, Sweden on February 10 and was delighted to hear many of the classic tunes like Son Of A Peach and Mr. Curry.
Vintage Holdsworth
If you're interested go visit
Never before have I seen a web site by a musical group showing such generosity. Lots of music downloadable, for free! There are even six unreleased tracks with Tony Williams and Allan Holdsworth, from a 1975 recording session in Sweden! "Tony must have liked Europafilm studios Because in 1975 he returned with an all star cast of Alan Holdsworth, Jack Bruce, Webster Lewis and Tequila on vocals."
How about that, fusion friends?
Sigurd Huckle

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