Saturday, February 03, 2007

February update

The monthly update of the Radio Dupree homepage is there for the reading. You can stay five seonds or hours dependning on your interest in what's published there.
Our Album of the Month is an old vinyl from 1978.

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Visitor 10 000? Our visitor number 10 000 came and went without notice. He, she (or it?) didn't send in the screen dump needed (see previous blog posting) so we're holding on to the bag of goodies we had prepared for the winner.
Oh, well ... there's always 20 000!

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Here's a review from Poughkepsie Journal of yesterdays show in Bearsville featuring Olabelle, Phoebe Snow and Donald Fagen. They'll do a second show tonight and it seem like the first one was a success.
And another positive review from the Times Union.

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Finally another unconfirmed and unofficial date for the ongoing Steely Dan Heavy Rollers 2007 tour:

May 24: Tower Theater, Upper Darby, PA. Source:

Confirmed and official dates:

May 06: New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA
May 12: Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL

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gwen the monster said...

DANG. I was 10,007 and figured I was far too late for any prize. *sigh*

- Gwen