Saturday, October 13, 2007

Ray Davies does a "Prince" - giving away 1 500 000 CDs

Prince did it earlier this year; gave away his latest album with a newspaper. While he went with The Mail on Sunday, ex-Kinks frontman Davies has picked Sunday Times. October 21 is the date to buy the paper to get his new album Working Man's Café. A "single"; the song Vietnam Cowboys will be available as a free download on the newspaper's homepage that same Sunday.

With the music industry changing it's another sign of record companies and artists trying new ways to get the music out to the public.
Radiohead is busy giving away their new album with downloaders having the possibility to pay whatever they feel for the songs.

A sign of the very same times is the news that successful superstar Madonna is set to leave Warner Music after 25 years. Instead she'll sign a 10 year contract worth 120 million dollars with the concert promoter Live Nation.
Live Nation will get the the rights to distribute albums, promote tours, sell merchandise and license her name.

The times they are a-changin'...

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