Sunday, October 28, 2007

Gino Vannelli's Swedish success

Is that Gino?
Gino Vannelli's concert in Umeå, Sweden on October 27 turned out to be a huge success. The great showman Gino invited no less than four local guest musicians on stage.
Gino's only companion on stage pianist Michiel Borstlap immediately set the musical standards in the opening of the first song, Black Cars. When Gino started singing the first lines it was goosebumps time. What a voice! (and it did not fail during the entire show).
"We need a percussionist!"
It was one of those concerts with great communication between the stage and the audience. It may have helped that this concert was arranged by the Umeå Jazz Festival. The drunk howlers that you may find in clubs don't go to the festival. So the quiet parts were very enjoyable too.
There was a lot of audience participation. Gino first requested a drummer and a percussionist from the audience, and later on two guest vocalists:
"Anyone out there with a big ego?"
Reciting poetry
Gino also wanted some background vocals for one song where everyone could join in. The show included new and old songs (Wild Horses and Brother To Brother to name a few), plus two examples from an upcoming book of poems (!)
This concert showed how two musicians can keep an audience thrilled for one and a half hour. The key to that is great musicianship and showmanship.
Here are some more great news for the Gino Vannelli fans: The concert will probably be broadcast on radio later since Sveriges Radio had their recording trucks outside the concert venue. Gino was also interviewed by the SR channel P2.


Gina said...

ah. me loves Gino music. i used to have a little bit of contact with MB once but at some point he acted weird as if he didn't know me. i got even by leaving halfway during one of his solo concerts :-) and ditching him from my myspace :-)

but no doubt about his musicianship. and Gino now living in the Netherlands and having been a masterclass teacher at the conservatory in my old hometown Maastricht, i should have been able to run into him. it's where youth and way-back-when meets the here-and-now.

sure would like to hear that concert, so please let me know when it's available!

Neb and/or Siggy said...

Looks like Gino didn't like the idea of his music being transmitted live or aired later.
A compromise was reached and the recording has been sent to Gino. He'll chose and mix three songs that will be broadcast later. Probably early 2008.

We'll keep an ear or two open. And you all updated.