Sunday, October 14, 2007

Zappa Plays Zappa in Sweden right now

Yesterday the Zappa Plays Zappa entourage played in Lund in southern Sweden. Tonight they're playing Stockholm. And what I'm I doing? Sitting in the Radio Dupree office as usual.
Well, I actually saw Dweezil and ZPZ last year and this time I thought I could relay on those wonderful memories + save some money.
But a quick look at the tour date schedule gives us the song list of yesterday's Lund concert:
Joe's Garage, Wind up working in a gas station, San Ber'dino, Andy, City of tiny lights, Advance Romance, Dumb all over (with FZ on the big screen), Whats new in Baltimore? How could I be such a fool, I aint got no heart, I'm not satisfied, Lonely little girl, Pygmy twylyte, Duprees paradise, Ray White Polar Bear improvisation, Uncle Remus, Willie the Pimp, Zoot Allures, Doreen, Cosmic Debris (with FZ on the big screen), Illinois enema bandit.
Encores: Dog meat, G-spot tornado, Muffin man (with FZ on the big screen).
Look out America! (since the Stockholm show is the last one in Europe before the tour continues in the US).


Anonymous said...

Portland November 18th. I have my tickets. I was sitting on the fence, with the high ticket price ($75 U.S. aprox 485 Krona) and the fact that it's not at nice hall, but with a new set list and Ray White I thought why not. I know Frank won't be there so I'll set my expectations accordingly. They are touring, and that's cool.

Peter Å said...

Jahördudu Siggy. Igår i Stockholm...jag saknar ord. Det var ca. 1000 gånger bättre än förra årets ZPZ-spelning. Bandet var tajtare, Dweezil coolare, Ray White helt makalös. När de körde G-Spot Tornado var jag nära att svimma...

Neb and/or Siggy said...

Peter, det gl�der mig att Zappa Plays Zappa forts�tter att h�lla fanan h�gt.
And for you non-swedes: Do you agree with Peter above that this years ZPZ tour was "a thousand times better than last years tour"?
If you have been to one of the concerts, please submit your reviews/opinions.
/ Siggy