Sunday, November 25, 2007

Donald Fagen MVI page

We've mentioned it a couple of months ago, but it looks a bit different now so we thought we'd give you the URL once more:

That's the official page on what "MVI" is in regard to the Nightfly Trilogy box and Donald Fagen.

(MVI's are basically DVD discs with music and bonus stuff like videos, text and pics.)

And here's a link to a discussion on an audiophile forum. The view of the box set so far seem to be unimpressed.
Unimpressed by the sound: No remastering of the albums and the bonus cuts just in stereo.
Unimpressed by the packaging: No printed booklets. All the text/credits on the MVI discs only. A custom-ringtone application were you have to pay for whatever ringtone you create from the one song per album that's available. And then there's the mp3 versions of the music for the mp3 ripping-challenged among the boxed set owners.
(The comments on the boxed set starts on page seven...)

For us the interesting stuff is to see what Donald has to say in the written track-by-track comments to all songs. And what the three promised bonus things will prove to be. According to the MVI-site we can expect something more:

"At least three "connected events" will be made available at minimum to registered owners of an MVI release. These events will include the ability to download bonus songs or video and may also include access to album updates, artist posting and special offers. Some artists may offer more than three connected events if they choose."

We can't help notice that the "Kamakiriad Behind The Scenes Documentary" mentioned in early press releases has disappeared from the box set. Our guess is that it might be one of the three bonus thingies coming up.

Anyhoo... We'll see what we think of the whole shebang as soon as our copy arrives.

One thing we were reminded of reading the forum postings was that this would've been a great chance to release Donald's version of the song Bright Lights, Big City from the 1988 movie of the same name. It was recorded but never made the soundtrack CD ... and not this boxed set either.

Got your copy of the box set already? Not bothering to get one? Feel free to share your views by adding a comment.

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