Sunday, November 18, 2007

Great Bill Withers interview!

Bill WithersBill Withers has been a personal favourite since I heard Ain't No Sunshine and Lovely Day for the first time. I've wondered what happened to him after a few albums in the 70's and a final one in 1985.

I'm glad to see he's alive and doing well in this fresh interview on Swedish Television. It's 30 minutes mostly in English, so no problem for you non-Swedes when it comes to watching it. The link is here:
(The link will expire December 15, 2007.)

It's kinda odd that I haven't gone searching for him on the internet, but you know how these things go. While writing this I found his official homepage! Well worth a visit for more on Bill Withers.
A great songwriter and a great singer. Here's hoping he eventually will get around to doing at least one more album...


Gina said...


ja, ik dacht, laat me eens in het Nederlands reageren, kijken of Neb en Siggy begrijpen wat ik schrijf. Ik heb Neb geciteerd op de Georg Wadenius myspace site en er ook een linkje naar Radio Dupree gemaakt.

Funny thing is, this morning i was brushing my teeth and then i thought of Bill Withers and how i used to sing along, harmonies, with his Lean On Me song.. i even think i recorded it then, long long long time ago. and then i come here and see Bill, cool!

tata toodly doo,

Neb and/or Siggy said...

Er zijn een heleboel woorden die soortgelijke kijken, en naar een Zweed de Nederlandse taal lijkt bijna vertrouwd. Maar dat betekent niet dat wij begrijpen als we denken dat we doen! :-)

reageren - reagera
kijken - kika
begrijpen - begriper
schrijf - skriver
geciteerd - citerat
een linkje - en link

Zie? Similarities!
Bedankt voor de link op de "Jojjes" pagina.

(Answer in large part thanks to Google Translate)

Interesting to see Bill Withers talk about how the record industry treated him. That he was more or less shut out.
And he looks like a man of great integrity. He turned his back on it all and it looks like he's had a fine life without the writing, recording and touring.