Friday, November 02, 2007

Weekend music: Godley and Gouldman

We added a couple of tracks from The Eagles' new one a few days back. And I've also noted on the Steely Dan pages I frequent that The Eagles is one of the bands/artists that that you're supposed to distance yourself from. At least if you consider yourself a person with a taste one step above the masses when it comes to the appreciation of real music.
I myself can buy the view of The Eagles as one of those 70's superbands that stuck around for the money, but at the same time I can't see why I shouldn't be able to say they did some great music. And still do. So in some way I pity the "I hate The Eagles"-people, the I hate-this-or-that-musician/music view of thinking.
It's a surefire way to miss a lot of fine music in genres and by artists that you turn your back on just because...

Which brings us to another Radio Dupree favorite that we ususally seem to play for our own pleasure and very few of our listener's: 10cc.
A popular 70's band that recordeed some great records.
The founding members are still around making music. Kevin Godley and Graham Gouldman have been trying out some new music together, uploading tracks to a website since 2006 that we found by accident this summer.
There are currently six songs available for download purchase and a video was added this week. So enjoy an old 10cc number (Old Wild Men), a new one ( and check out

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Gina said...

i agree about the Eagles. loved them as a teen and still appreciate their superb musicianhood. one of the few bands out there with a crystal clear LIVE concert registration, i have it on disc and saw it once on tv, i don't see Steely Dan top that, will all due respect.

there's a difference in a band being a band of people/friends sticking together for years, it's a vibe that shows, right? Steely Dan is not a band, although most of the touring band have performed together. still, they're not a band in the orthodox way.

as you can see, talking about them kind of gets on my nerve hahaha.