Friday, August 29, 2008

This weekend: Radio Dupree's Walter Becker Special

It's on! The first airing has been, but you have two more chances to catch one hour special of Walter Becker-music; he's the artist, the producer, the songwriter. Luciana, Madeleine, Rebecca and Krishna Das all show up. As does John Beasley and a couple of rare songs. A live version of Fall Of '92 can be heard on Alive In America, but have you heard the studio version that only made it onto a promo-CD? And perhaps you've missed the Japanese bonus track Medical Science from 11 Tracks... or the bonus track on the international version of Circus Money; Dark Horse Dub?

Tune in Saturday and/or Sunday.

Saturday August 30: 21.00 Europe/ 3 p.m. New York, USA/Sunday 4 a.m. Tokyo, Japan.
Sunday August 31: 9.00 Europe/3 a.m. New York, USA/4 p.m. Tokyo, Japan.

Correction March 30, 2010: Amazingly the obvious error of placing Fall Of '92 on the Alive In America album has survived here until now. Apologies. As we know the Walter Becker song on that live album is Book Of Liars.


Wlm said...

I am completely disgusted with myself. I planned to hear the 1st broadcast of your WB hour...will spare you a tale of my subsequent idiocy.

Anyway, might you be willing to post your setlist for this hour? So sorry I missed it


Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

Sorry to hear you missed it. We mixed it up and changed a couple of tracks for the reruns, but here is - in no particular order - all that got played:

Krishna Das - Rock In A Heart Shape - All One
Steely Dan - Slang Of Ages - Everything Must Go
John Beasley - Beehave Yourself - Cauldron
Walter Becker - Medical Science - 11 Tracks (Japanese version)
Walter Becker - Fall Of '92 (Studio version) - Promo
Walter Becker - Dark Horse Dub - Circus Money (International version)
Luciana Souza - Where You Blind That Day - The New Bossa Nova
Luciana Souza - Love Is For Strangers - The New Bossa Nova
Walter Becker & John Beasley - Ba Da Bing Swing - Mose The Fireman
Walter Becker & John Beasley - Lady Washington Rag - Mose The Fireman
Walter Becker & John Beasley - Main Man Mose - Mose The Fireman
Walter Becker & John Beasley - Ba Da Bing Swing - Mose The Fireman
Walter Becker & John Beasley - King Of The Bowery - Mose The Fireman
Rebecca Pidgeon - Tough On Crime - Tough On Crime
Madeleine Peyroux - I'm All Right - Half The Perfect World
Fra Lippo Lippi - Home - Light And Day
China Crisis - Black Man Ray - Flaunt The Imperfection

Quite a nice hour if we may say so ourselves ;)

Wlm said...

Thanks for the playlist gentlemen -- it is a fine one. If you would permit, my single addition would be something from Flying Cowboys;
"The Horses", perhaps?

The CD from WB - wonderful to see this deserved acknowledgement.

Cheers, Wlm

Nebukadnessar Stephenson and Sigurd Huckle said...

Rickie? We left her out of it this time just to have an excuse to do another special in the not too distant future :)

And the surprise CD was a ... surprise. A very happy surprise that arrived just at the right time.

Wlm said...

Excellent news -- thanks!