Sunday, September 21, 2008

Begins - a review

The members of Blue Floyd come from bands such as Allman Brothers Band and Gov't Mule.
This 2 CD set is said to be "a homage to the influence of Howlin' Wolf, Willie Dixon and Muddy Waters as a re-discovery of both FLOYD classics and rarities."
The combination of blues rock and some of Britain's most sacred rock music is a winning concept if you want to sell albums, but when you actually listen to the album it shows that it is far from a perfect product.
The performance is quite loose, which probably goes along with the idea that blues should be a bit rough around the edges.
But on some tracks it gets embarrassing, the most obvious f***-up comes in Wish You Were Here where the vocalist (Marc Ford?) forgets the lyrics in the first verse and is very much out of tune.
Other examples are the ugly out of time bass in the intro to Young Lust and the guitarist hitting a wrong note in the intro to In The Flesh. (In my opinion you can hit a wrong note, yes, but rather not in the first bars of the theme to a song.)

But there are good things on this album too. Two of the best tracks are Shine On You Crazy Diamond and Fearless. Both contain some great guitar and harmonica. And fans of Pink Floyd will surely find it interesting enough to listen through these songs at least once.
To sum things up, this album sounds like a concert of "Allman Brothers plays Pink Floyd", and this 2 CD set would have been much better if they would have shaved it down to a single CD. The first tracks to delete would be Wish You Were Here and Drums (10 minutes of...drums).
Hear for yourself...the album is already spinning on Radio Dupree.

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