Friday, September 12, 2008

Weekend music: Computer Love

We saw this pic and can't be sure the accompanying story isn't just another Internet hoax making the rounds, but according to The Register, who in turn quote the IOL website, in Japan you can now bring your computers to the temple to have them blessed for protection.

Could this help against viruses and hard drisk crashes?

Some suitable music to this story? We immediately thought of Kraftwerk, and after listening and looking at a number of classics from the German group we found the perfect one for this occasion; Computer Love.

In keeping with this week's slightly educational posts regarding CERN and the LHC, we bring you a video that compress the history of computers into 7 minutes.

And felt a sting of nostalgia when a picture of the first computer we ever got to play with appeared in the video; a Vic 20.
Is it really that long ago already? And what did we know of computer life as it is in 2008 back in 1981 when Kraftwerk sang Computer Love = Computer Liebe?


Geoff said...

Shame no mention of Acorn Computers: the BBC Micro had networking before Bill Gates had heard of networking; the Archimedes, first ever off-the-shelf computer to use a RISC processor (despite Apple trying to claim the distinction); everyone has an Acorn chip - ARM was originally the Acorn Risc Machine, now used in mobile phones, PDAs, etc...

I'm still using my Acorn Risc PC on a day-to day basis, it was 15 years old in April!!! We have five in our house, plus one in Spain.

Neb & Siggy said...

Thanks for the comment, geoff! As we saw the video we tried to thik of what was left out that should've been included. But we figured that the comments area is a fine place for readers of this blog to add the stuff missing from the video. Acorn Computers is one.

And congratulations on 15+ years with your Acorn Risc PC!
Proof that you really don't have to replace your old "useless" computer every to or three years. :)