Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The musical road...

It should be gone by now; the "musical road" in Lancaster, California. The people living close to it couldn't get any sleep and this week is the week it's supposed to go back to being an ordinary road. BBC has the full story:

Quite a few happy drivers went there with their video cameas while the road was still playing. Here's one of the clips:

Most clips end with silly giggles of joy. Radio Dupree do approve of silliness like this!
Playing the road by driving is apparently not a new thing. Roads like this can be found in Japan and Korea, but apparently a couple of guys in Denmark were first. Here's an old clip of the Asphaltophone from 1995 (the actual road appears after 1:30):

Wonder if it's still around? We doubt it...

: : : : :

And here's an item totally unrelated to the musical roads:
Steely Dan? Some get it, some don't. Cue a blog entry from a Scott McClatchy that certainly gets filed under "I don't get Steely Dan":


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think they could have chosen some other music for that. I mean Lancaster, California...come on, you guys! Any suggestions?

angel said...

Actually, The Lone Ranger was partially filmed about 15 miles down the canyon, at Vasquez Rocks. So it's not that great a stretch of the imagination. :-)

In regard to the blog...did that guy realize that Walter produced that Singing Mongooses record at his studio in Maui?

Per-Gunnar said...
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Neb & Siggy said...

Hi Angel,

Thanks for the infomation about The Lone Ranger and Vasquez Rock. Had no idea...
All of a sudden the choice of music and place makes sense.

I think Siggy in his comment is looking for someone to make the Z-connection... ;)

As far as the blog link goes I wondered if I should even bother posting it. But I did. As a reminder to all Steely Dan fans that there are people who misunderstands it all ... regardless of what we know and think. So it's good fo a laugh, but may perhaps lead to other feelings and maybe even hostility towards the blogger in question.
Either way reading it reminded me a lot of the various news articles written by journalists regarding the Steely Dan vs. Owen Wilson/You, Me And Dupree debacle. Journalists that should know better, but took it dead serious and attacked Stely Dan in the process.

Oh, well...


(P.S. That deleted post above was orignally mine. This one's better!)

angel said...

Thanks for telling me that the deleted one was you. I was worried I offended someone. lol

While finding the Lone Ranger stuff for you, I found some cool pictures of where I work. It was used as a location in the 1950's cult film Invasion of the Body Snatchers. Might want to check it out. :-)

BTW: McClatchy is also a newspaper dynasty here in California. I wonder if those men are any relation. Don't have time to delve into that, though.