Saturday, September 27, 2008

What's on this new Zappa CD?

Can it be a live recording from the Bongo Fury days? Or from Yugoslavia, November 1975?
OK, the new Zappa CD Joe's Menage announced yesterday sounds quite interesting, I mean "rare 1975 thrillingness"...But what's on it? We don't get too much information here...
"Be very afraid of being Danish." The most natural thing that comes to mind is that it may be a live recording fråm Denmark, but as far as I know FZ did not play in Denmark in 1975. He played Copenhagen in September 1974 and then came back in February 1976.
Or can it be a recording just referring to "Danish" in some other way. Let's see what Frank did in 1975: The Bongo Fury tour in April-May, the two Orchestral Favorites concerts in September, the fall tour in US and Canada...or can it be something from the very short stint in Yugoslavia in November? This Zappa gig list tells us that the 75/11/22 Ljubljana show took place in a location called Hala Tivoli. Maybe Frank did a reference to Tivoli in Copenhagen, where the Mothers had played in 1968.
Well, we are just guessing here...please join us with your theories. Let's track this one down!


Anonymous said...

I don't know, but that guitar solo that you hear from this recording on the website is good stuff! If the rest of the recording sounds like that, I'm in!


Neb & Siggy said...

Thanks Matthew,
I'm pretty sure that the short snippet is a solo from Carolina Hard-core Ecstasy. To me it sounds more like the fall '75 band than the Bongo Fury band.